Children - Small Mountain Photography

Document your child growing through all stages.

 Small Mountain takes pride in our children portraits, we know you want all those moments.  

We offer several different ways to document your child growing up.  

Children have so many different stages. Why not document some of the most important ones?

Like 6 months, 1 year and 2 years old.  This is where they are learning so much and everything is so new to them.

Purchase this program for $325.

It comes with...

Props, like balloons, tutus, and balls.

3 hours of photographs 

Locations of your choice.

A special gift the the littles at the end of each session.

Another type of session we offer here at Small Mountain is a single portrait session.

This is a 1 hour session at any age.

Purchase this session for $150.

It comes with...

Props, 1 hour of photographs

A location of your choice

And a special gift for your child at the end of the session.

We also offer Mini Sessions!!

These are $75 

They include a 30 minute session

A location of your choice


And a special gift for your child.

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